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IN Door CCTV System

Indoor CCTV System

Tech provides a complete package to its customer which starts from understanding the customer requirement, recommending the optimum number os camera and ends with satisfied installation of the system. Tech also provides amc’s of cctv systems.

The Features of Tech CCTV System is as follows:

  • 1. Analog, hd analog and ip based camera for continuous monitoring
  • 2. Dvr, nvr and hvr for effective storage facility.
  • 3. Uninterrupted video surveillance 24*7*365
  • 4. Easy to search, replay and zoom function without being pixalated
  • 5. Camera with thermal, anti corrosive and explosive proof features available for monitoring under hostile environment.
  • 6. Special features like face detection, person counting, object counting and liscense plate reading is also available.
  • 7. Search by face and license plate features are also available.